INTERIOR STAGING -  Staging an interior space allows the space to be displayed in it's best light possible.  An industry professionals focus is on designing spaces that represent personal style and functionality needs, paired with unique and timeless design concepts. Interior staging allows a person to evoke emotions and fall in love with the space.  People are emotional, the moment they are visualizing themselves happy in the space, not only does the property value increase, they are sold... Together, we can create the interior of your dreams

  • Realtors  Working with property for sale, statistics indicate that staged properties spend up to 80% less time on the market and often sell for up to 20% more than unstaged properties.
  • Owners  Let’s face it… it’s a beauty contest out there, the most attractive properties usually sell the fastest, & get the most attention from your friends, family, and co workers, inspire your employees, impress your clients, and allow one to feel productive in a space and love working or living in it.
  • Builders  No matter how beautiful a structure is after completion, an empty property can be uninviting and once you add warm interiors it will extend a warm invitation to be purchased by a new owner who visualizes themselves in your space.
  • Investors  When it comes to merchandising properties, our goal is simple, maximizing return on investment. . .

KMP Premiere Properties places a strong emphasis on the visual identify of a property and through design captures the true essence of your lifestyle providing prospective buyers with the greatest opportunity to fall in love with your property before they have even visited.

PURCHASING CONCIERGE -  Our goal is to simplify shopping through Interior Design Concierge Service.  It is a smarter way to shop... Use an Interior Designer to shop your desired products.  Already have a vision set in your mind, get a price break, connect with an Interior Designer for professional advice, and save time and money in the process.

  • Because Time is Money  Discover the design service tailored to your design needs.  With our flexible concierge service, you can be as involved as you want. You may have a detailed plan of your design requirements needing little assistance, or you may want us to help direct you design needs from start to finish.  Select design services only where you need assistance. We know exactly how important it is to move quickly, so we’ll deliver amazing designs that maximize your budget and space while hitting time-sensitive milestones custom to fit you.
  • Money Saved  As our client, source multiple product vendors with Interior Design preferred pricing connections.  You will be able to manage and track vendors ranging from retailers you know and love, to emerging new artists, and exclusive to-the-trade brands, the possibilities are nearly endless.
  • Customer Service  With our extensive industry connections, we’ll utilize our relationships to help you navigate any issues that might arise, from damaged items, to complicated return policies, to special orders.  We’re here to advocate on your behalf. Providing consultation and expertise to facilitate positive outcomes and ensure potential project challenges are prevented.
  • Time Saved Using an Interior designer is a more efficient way to shop, better utilize the hours dedicated to your design project with your professional designer, instead of making multiple purchases from individual vendors tracking orders across multiple vendor websites, and time lines.  Manage the process through your designer to see all the details conveniently collected together through a weekly email project update. If something goes awry, we’re on-hand to work with you and our vendor partners to find the solution.

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